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Spring Open
Old School vs. New School

GH Spring Open

Director: Andrew De Kock


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6:00 am


7:00 am

3:00 pm

- May 26 - Chisago & South Lindstrom -

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

11680 Oak St Chisago City, MN 55013

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

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Parking Restriction: NONE

Tournament Format and Info

An "Old School" angler is any Adult angler who is 18 years or older and graduated from Highschool.

A "New School" angler is any Highschool angler participating in a local Highschool Bass Fishing Team.

For this all new tournament format each Old School angler will be randomly paired with a New School Angler.  

The pair will fish out of the Old School anglers boat, however much like a "Boat Captain" during a highschool tournament the Old School angler will allow the New School angler to choose where to fish and also allowed to fish from the bow of the boat during specified tournament quarters.  It is understood that the boat owner will run the gas engine on all runs between locations.

This tournament will be divided into four quarters

Quarter 1) 7am - 9am

Quarter 2) 9am - 11am

Quarter 3) 11am - 1pm

Quarter 4) 1pm - 3pm

Prior to blastoff the pair will flip a coin to determine who is the controlling angler for the first quarter.  The angler who is the controlling angler must be allowed to choose where the pair fishes and must be allowed to run the bow of the boat for the duration of the quarter.  The controlling angler can also choose to change locations during their quarter.

At the end of each quarter the new controlling angler can choose to stay at the current location or can choose to move to a different location. 

During the tournament each angler will be the marshal for the other recording weights for eachother on an official GreenHorn Bass Tour Scale and Weight Recorder. 

Each angler will maintain a 3 fish limit on the weight recorder and continuously culling out the lowest weight. 

This is a catch and immediate release tournament.  

Tournament Fees and Payouts

Entry fee for this event is $60 per boat which includes $50.00 tournament entry (25 dollars per angler) and a $10.00 equipment/permit fee. 

There is an optional $10 per angler big bass prize. 

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