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Our goal is to keep the GreenHorn Series, just that... GreenHorn! Anglers who are new to fishing or just don't have the time to commit to advance their skills and knowledge will remain in the greenhorn division until their GreenHorn rating becomes greater than 96 after 10 events of fishing with the GHBT. At that time they will be considered Advanced and be promoted to the Advanced Division. Anglers that remain greenhorn after 10 events will go on to fish greenhorn for the following season, at that point their GHBT rating will adjust based on the last three seasons (a minimum of 15 events).


Any member can compete in the Advanced Division no matter what skill level. You do not need to qualify as GreenHorn to enter; however, if you are a greenhorn but would like to learn from some of the best fishermen in the area you may choose to fish the ADVANCED division.  


The Advanced Division has been created for two main reasons:

1)  to accommodate anglers who have graduated from the GreenHorn Division by achieving GHBT Rating. This allows the GreenHorn division to remain "Greenhorn" and provide the up and coming anglers with a better chance at a top three finish.




2) to allow anglers who are new to the league, but do not qualify as GreenHorn to fish the GHBT.


If you are a new or returning member and have questions about which series might be right for you please contact the league directors by sending an email to

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