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For Beginners

The GreenHorn Slot

What are we talking about?


We have developed the "Greenhorn Slot". This is an extra boat in our touraments that's spot is reserved for a beginner angler or team to experience tourament angling without signing up for all of the touraments.


Each of our touraments will allow one "Greenhorn Slot" boat unless otherwise specified by the directors of the GHBT.


You - The Greenhorn - Will sign up with the tourament directors for one tourament at leat 5 days in advance. On the day of the tourament you will show up at the launch, you will register with the directors (just like all of the tourament anglers), you will pick a blastoff number, blast off and fish the entire event, you will save your best 5 fish with you and your co-angler throughout the event, and you will weight you fish at the end of the event to see how you match up. Just like all of the other anglers - And yes all Rules Apply.


At the end of the event you will know what place you would have gotten and get to listen in on the experience of the other anglers.


The only thing that you dont do is pay any money or win any money. All payouts and points will be conducted as normal with the fulltime members of the GHBT (as if you didnt fish).


If you are interested in fishing touraments but are just not quite sure due to whatever reason - This is your chance to get out here with us and fish competitively. All you need is a boat with a good working livewell, a co-angler, and a good attitude.


This is a great opportunity if you are 18 or 80. We encourage a family friendly atomsphere and Father/Son Teams are encouraged. Are you new to the area? This is also a great way to meet new faces in the fishing community and learn to fish a little better while you are at it.


If this sounds like something that you would like to do please contact us via email.


Can't wait to see you on the water! 

GH Bass Tour August-7-2019_026.JPG

If you love to fish but are new to touraments and not sure how you would do or would love to learn more about it. This is the place for you. The Greenhorn Bass Tour is dedicated to developing beginner tourament anglers. We are so dedicated in fact that we have developed a way for you to get to learn and experience tourament angling without the worries of costs, schedules, entry fees, or memberships. This experience is completley FREE.

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