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Suzuki Marine is an engine company – not a boat company – Suzuki Marine USA has been “building up” momentum. Our Line of Outboard Motors offers more options, more technology more innovation and more excitement than ever before. Frankly, the other guys never had a chance. No other outboard company can even come close to Suzuki’s engineering experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine, automobile, motorcycle and ATV markets.

Suzuki has had a long standing commitment to 4-Stroke technology and has built the knowledge needed to ensure the highest reliability standards in the industry. Combined with a fair price point across the engine lineup it's easy to make Suzuki Motors your first choice for your new bass boat or to re-power your current boat. 

Why keep that old ticking time-bomb 2 stroke when you could upgrade to a 4-Stroke Suzuki! 

Learn more at  Go Suzuki – Go Four Stroke.

To give back and spread the word about their products Suzuki Marine has partnered with us by  providing great member discounts, prize giveaways, and sponsoring our Results Boards.  All GreenHorn Members can take advantage of their Suzuki Marine discounts directly though Hannay's Marine or  other local Dealers.

Our 12% GreenHorn Member Discount applies to new motors used to re-power an existing boat. 

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