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2024 Registration Now Open for  new and returning anglers! 

For general questions please email: 


Read the Liability waiver and fill out the online  registration form

At this point you've found a co-angler and determined which series you would like to fish. Gather up all of the contact info for you and your co-angler and submit the online registration form to pencil in your spot to fish the tour. During this step the directors will assess your GreenHorn eligibility (if you can fish GreenHorn or should fish ADVANCED tournaments) and hold your spot for the league. 




The information you enter into this form will be used throughout the season for all of your contact info, the address you enter will be the address any refunds, bonus checks, or other information will be mailed.  If at any point during the season your contact info or address changes please notify the league director by email


Await an email from the league director

Once the league directors review your online registration form the league directors will assess your entry and ensure there are spots available in the series in which you wish to fish. You will then be emailed with further information and  possibly some questions about your fishing history if you are new to the league. The email will contain a .pdf payment form. This  form will include all payment information.  The payment form can be used for you to keep track of what you owe how to submit payment. This form does not need to be sent back to the league directors. We are no longer requiring the paper form.

Submit your payment to lock-in your spot

Once you've submitted payment you will receive an email from the league confirming receipt. Please check the email to be sure the correct series and options (such as league bonus) are included.

A few notes: 

  • All GHBT events are team events with a maximum of two anglers per boat. A single angler per boat is also allowed.

  • To be a member of the GreenHorn Bass Tour you must plan to fish at least three of five tournaments of any one series in which you are eligible to fish.

  • All members must complete both the online form and submit payment prior to the first tournament.

  • Each Wednesday series is capped at 20 boats and each Sunday series at 25 boats which will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Your spot is not officially "locked in" until all fees have been paid in full.

  • All dues need to be paid in full prior to the start of the first tournament!

  • Make all membership and entry fee checks payable to "GreenHorn Bass Tour".

  • Send Membership Forms and Entry Fees to:

Andrew De Kock

14850 Austin St NE

Ham Lake, MN 55304

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