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GreenHorn Rating

The GHBT rating system is a points based system used to determine a teams rating within the GHBT.   Teams who have fished 10 or more events with the GHBT since are rated. A teams rating will be used to determine if the team is GreenHorn or Advanced status. A Team is established by the team captain and one or more co-anglers over multiple tournaments.


Ratings are calculated by using the points totals per tournament. For every five tournaments fished the worst event is thrown out and the remaining points scores are averaged to determine the teams overall GHBT rating. Ratings will range from 75 to 100. 


A team is first rated after having fished a minimum of 10 events with the GHBT. If the team does not advance after 10 events (typically two seasons) with the GHBT the rating will be calculated based on the past 15 events fished (typically three seasons including TOCs). The past 15 events will be used from then on to establish the GHBT rating.


Once a team achieves a GHBT rating of 96 or above the team is considered "graduated" to Advanced status. At this time the team is no longer eligible to fish in the GreenHorn division events and must move on to any Advanced Series. 

If a team has not fished in 10 or more events with the GHBT their rating will still be calculated but will be considered Wild and teams will fish on a probational period of which they may be selected for early promotion to ADVANCED.  A team with a Wild rating that is dominating the competition may be contacted by league directors for potential early graduation to the Advanced Series, this may occur during the season as determined by league directors. If a team is determined to be "ADVANCED" in any "GreenHorn Division series" during the season the team will be instantly eligible to fish the ADVANCED TOC, no longer be eligible to fish the GreenHorn TOC, and a decision for the team to fish the remaining tournaments of any series will be determined by league directors.


If a team Advances early and during their first Advanced Season averages only 85 points or fewer the team may enter back into the GreenHorn Status for the following year pending a review by the league directors.


At the end of each calendar year GHBT ratings will be calculated and the League directors will e-mail the current standings for GHBT ratings. Teams who have graduated to Advanced status will be notified at that time.



Ratings will be calculated within the GreenHorn Teams to determine when a team is ready for Advanced Status.

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