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Spring Open

GH Spring Open

Director: Andrew De Kock


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6:00 am


7:00 am

3:00 pm

- May 21 - Chisago & South Lindstrom -

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

11680 Oak St Chisago City, MN 55013

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

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Parking Restriction: NONE

General Info

The Spring Open is a catch and immediate release tournament format. In this format you will have a boat marshal ride along in the boat with you. The responsibility of the boat marshal is to weigh and record your biggest 5 bass on our official GreenHorn Bass Tour hand held scales. The fish will then be immediately returned to the water. 

This event is open to current calendar year GreenHorn Bass Tour Members Only and if space is available may be opened up to Members from previous years.  

Entry fee for this event is $60 per boat which includes $50.00 tournament entry and $10.00 equipment/permit fee. 

There is an optional $20 per boat big bass prize. 


To fish this event you must be partnered with a boat Marshal. To guarantee a spot please plan to sign up with a boat marshal that you've identified. The boat marshal you bring can not ride along in the boat with you, they will be randomly assigned to a different team. You should not know your marshal.


If you do not sign up with a boat marshal you may loose your chance to fish the event, however we may be able to find additional boat marshals for you.  We will be working with the local highschool bass teams to provide additional boat marshals.

Note: If you are interested in being a Marshal for the event please register at the link near the top of this page.


1) All boat marshals must be at least 14 years of age and be capable of handling and weighing fish

2) Boat marshals are not allowed to fish during the tournament

3) All fish must be weighed by the boat marshal using the official GreenHorn Bass Tour Calibrated Tournament Scale

4) All fish weights must be recorded by the boat marshal on the official GreenHorn Bass Tour Weight Recorder

5) North and South Center Lakes are off limits for this event, all other water accessible by boat is accepted.

6) All other tournament rules must comply to the rules established CLICK HERE.


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