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2024 Sponsor Appreciation

2024 Sponsor Appreciation Event

Director: Mark Sanders


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4:00 pm

5:00 pm

8:30 pm

- August 14 - Chisago & South Lindstrom -

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

11680 Oak St Chisago City, MN 55013

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

Lake Chisago Public Boat Access

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Parking Restriction: NONE

Event Info

This event is open to current calendar year GreenHorn Bass Tour Members, Affiliate Members, and all Sponsors. 

The 2024 Sponsor Appreciation event is a great opportunity to get our members and sponsors together for a fun Wednesday evening tournament. In this event we will have either member or sponsor boaters partner up with either member or sponsor co-anglers.  The member-sponsor teams will be arranged prior to the event and sent out in advance. We will also allow sponsor-sponsor teams and if space is available we may have some teams with only members. 

To fish this event please pre-register using the links above if you are member or a sponsor. Once complete we will send you an email within 48 hours to confirm your entry.  Within two weeks of the event we will send the boater/co-angler pairings.

The Sponsor Appreciation Tournament is a catch and immediate release tournament format.  Weigh and record your biggest 5 bass on our official GreenHorn Bass Tour hand held scales and log the top 5 on our Accu-Cull weight recorder. Each fish will also require a photo with the fish and scale in view. The fish will then be immediately returned to the water. 

Entry fee for this event is $50 per boat.  The entry fee for this event will be pre-paid to lock in your spot. Payment information will be emailed after we receive your online registration.

There is an optional $20 per boat big bass prize. 

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